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Eagle Tree


West Point has been blessed with a bird phenomenon since the early 1990’s.  No one knows exactly why this specific “Eagle Tree” in western Wendell is where bald eagles have found a home during the winter months. We are so grateful though!  It is a truly amazing sight to see and hear. Once the temperature drops below freezing in the evening the eagles fly in after their daily hunting from the late November to end of February.  One can sit back and watch them circle the tree and land one by one like it’s their own little airport coming from all directions.  In recent years they have started to spread into the nearby trees. So keep your eyes out all around West Point. 

Just before sunset is the best viewing time.  You can listen to them chatting and watch their behaviors.  The locals believe that they have been coming to the area due to the food abundance with the fish hatcheries in the area and the bird hunting. You can also go walk around nearby Box Canyon where you can see the eagles flying through the canyon during the day.  

The eagles have chosen trees on private land so it is our job as locals to educate visitors to respect the nature of the eagles by keeping quiet and keeping our distance.  It is also pertinent to remember the old Buhl Highway where the tree sits is a busy road full of farm and dairy trucks. Please do not park on the road!  We have worked hard to make more parking at West Point Store in order to help protect the bird watchers and drivers alike.


Come safely enjoy the Eagle Tree and stop in for a good historical conversation with the locals! 

Eagle Tree in Wendell, Idaho

Eagle Season has started 11/25/23
6 have been spotted in the trees, will grow from there...

Please don't park on the road or go behind West Point Store 
(new grass planted)

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