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About Us

West Point Short History

  West Point is a historical landmark in Wendell, ID where not only the locals frequent, but where tourists throughout the year visit during Eagle season, after hiking Box Canyon, swimming the river at 1000 Springs or hunting many species of birds. 

  West Point was established in the 1940’s when 1 internment camp building from Hunt, ID was brought in to make a store.  The store started as service station with the original service floor still intact today.  The surrounding buildings included a creamery, school, grange, highway district and homes.  West Point was considered its own town.  Eventually the West Point Service station was turned into a Beer Bar/Restaurant and Convenience Store.  It has had a colorful history of ownership.  Bud and Ferol Boss being the most prevalent 1962 to 1990, living in and running the store for years and creating an atmosphere that local’s loved. 

  West Point is situated on 1500 E which used to be the old highway from Buhl, Wendell and Hagerman. Clear Lakes Grade was constructed in the late 90’s/early 2000’s which created a slowdown in traffic.  Now as the Dairies and surrounding farms grow, along with increased travelers; traffic has increased.  The Eagle tree has 50-100 Eagles roosting behind the property since the early 90’s from November to March.    The restaurant is situated right in between Box Canyon and Ritter Island State Parks.

Come “Drink Up and Become a Local” at our favorite watering hole!

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About Brandon

West Point is a place for families! Brandon, Jacob, Mason and Jamison are so grateful for the opportunity to carry on its traditions. The store was a place Brandon's father Doug brought his family and friends by, while out hunting. Brandon had been coming since she was a kid and in the recent years after Doug passed, it had become her favorite off the beaten path hangout.


Its intimacy, good atmosphere and local patrons drew her in. In April of 2021 she decided to take on a new venture by purchasing the property and working towards bringing back its nostalgic history and creating some new entertainment.  She wanted to honor the image that Doug had always had of owning his own little bar, but add her own spin to it.  

  In doing so she met Jacob who also had a love for the store throughout his life.  Together along with Brandon's boys they have worked hard to continue the work that the previous owners, had started.  Their ideas and visions incorporate the locals needs along with continuing to uphold its history. They are excited for the future filled with Music, Wine Nights, Trivia, RV Spots all in the comfort of a loved local atmosphere!!!

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